What to expect

Everyone experiences distress or struggles to cope at some time in their life. This may involve depression, anxiety, problems in relationships, dealing with loss, a sense of failure or lack of self-esteem or difficulty finding meaning or direction in life. Psychotherapy/counselling can help us with these problems by exploring our thoughts, feelings and behaviour in a supportive environment.

You will be provided with a safe, quiet, comfortable and confidential space in which you will be respected, trusted and not judged. The premises are used for a range of psychological services. I will work with you to try to help you overcome your difficulties.

The first session

If you think you could benefit from counselling/psychotherapy and you wish to find out more, please contact me me to make an appointment. We will use the first session as an assessment, to establish if a course of counselling/psychotherapy is appropriate.

Appointment times

Appointments are usually weekly. Each appointment lasts 50 minutes. (This is common practice.) If possible, appointments are arranged for the same day and time each week. Where this is not possible, I try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. In some cases, sessions can be every two weeks, or two sessions can be arranged each week. I work during term-times only.

Sessions and Fees

  • Standard fee – £50
  • Students/unwaged – £40


If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything regarding my practice, please contact me. If you are unable to speak to me immediately by telephone, leave a message and I will return your call.